Opening and closure of Textile Museum on Government Holidays – 2017

The Royal Textile Academy is pleased to share the opening/closure details of our Textile Museum on Government Holidays for the year 2017 as detailed below. The museum is normally open on all days from 9am to 4pm except on Sundays.


Day Occasion Remarks
January 2 Monday Nyinlo (Winter Solstice) Closed
January 28 Saturday Traditional Day of Offering Closed
February 21-23 Tuesday-Thursday Birth Anniversary of His Majesty the King Closed
February 27-28 Monday-Tuesday Losar, Fire Female Bird Year Closed
May 2 Tuesday Birth Anniversary of Third Druk Gyalpo Open
May 5 Friday Zhabdrung Kuchoe Open
June 9 Friday Lord Buddha’s Parinirvana Open
July 3 Monday Birth Anniversary of Guru Rinpoche Open
July 27 Thursday First Sermon of Lord Buddha Open
September 23 Saturday Blessed Rainy Day Open
September 26 Tuesday Thimphu Drubchoe Open
September 30 Saturday Thimphu Tshechu/Dassain Open
October 1 Sunday Thimphu Tshechu Closed
October 2 Monday Thimphu Tshechu Open
November 1 Wednesday Coronation Day of His Majesty The King Open
November 10 Friday Descending Day of Lord Buddha Open
November 11 Saturday Birth Anniversary of 4th Druk Gyalpo/Constitution Day Open
December 17 Sunday National Day Closed

Download announcement in PDF: