Construction Project


The RTA construction project comprises of four phases. Phase 1 is the Textile Museum and Phase 2 is the Weaving and Conservation Centre. These phases have been completed and are already functional.

Phase 3 includes a three storied office building with two floors of basement parking. This phase mainly consists of office space to be rented out to generate income for the RTA to meet its administrative costs as well as running cost for its programs. It is presently under construction and scheduled for completion by January 2018. If you are interested to rent office space please write to the Administrative Officer at

In addition, RTA will also build a Cultural Heritage Centre which will include a one thousand seater conference centre. This phase is in conceptual stage right now.

The RTA Construction Project is managed by a Development and Construction Committee comprising of the following members:

  1. Mr. Warren Amason, Chair
  2. Mrs. Rinzin O. Dorji, Vice-Chair
  3. Mrs. Krista Amason, Member
  4. Mr. Douglas Soe Lin, Member
  5. Mr. Kuenga Lhendup, Member
  6. Mr. Karma Wangchuk, Member
  7. Mr. Cheda, Member