The Friends of the Royal Textile Academy of Bhutan

The Friends of the Royal Textile Academy of Bhutan (FRTAB) was founded in the United States in 2006 as a 501 (c) 3 tax exempt organization under the Internal Revenue Service Code. FRTAB was formed by a group of recognized leaders committed to the preservation of Textile Arts aspart of Bhutan’s rich cultural heritage.  FRTAB was established to support the goals and objectives of The Royal Textile Academy in Bhutan.

FRTAB’s mission is to educate individuals and raise awareness about the artistry, creation, and distinctive attributes of Bhutanese Textile Arts. It will provide support for programs and activities that further these goals and will also seek to promote excellence in the scholarly research, conservation, interpretation, and exhibition of Bhutanese textiles, with particular concern for the artistic, technical and cultural significance of the collections of the RTA.

Friends of the Royal Textile Academy of Bhutan (FRTAB) was established to foster and promote an understanding and appreciation of the Textile Arts of the Kingdom of Bhutan. This will be done by providing support and making grants for the benefit of The Royal Textile Academy (RTA). The immediate goals of FRTAB are to support the design development and construction of the RTA headquarters. FRTAB will support special textile events and educational activities for the people of Bhutan as well as international tourists.

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