Winter Weaving Program Concludes

The Winter Weaving Program for 2018-19 concluded on February 4, 2019. The closing was attended by the participating students, staff of the RTA and representatives from various media houses. The students were awarded certificates of participation, a nominal stipend and one of their woven pieces as memento.

The winter weaving program is an annual program organized by the RTA with the aim to impart the knowledge of weaving to our young girls and boys and also to productively engage them during their winter vacation.

This year the Winter Weaving Program started from the 19th of December 2018. 41 girls, aged between 9 to 19 were divided into two batches. The first batch started their training on December 19 and concluded on January 10, while the second batch started on January 11, 2019 and concluded on February 4, 2019.

It was a happy and a proud moment for the participants as they complete their weaving course. “I am very happy today as I got a certificate and stipend for attending the winter weaving class at the RTA. I also got a piece I had woven as a memento,” Tshering Pelden 9, the youngest among the participants said. Similarly, for Chimi Wangmo weaving and chit chatting with other friends was what she enjoyed most in the class.

For weaving instructor Mrs. Karma, it was very engaging and interesting program to be teaching students and interacting with them. She said, “It was two way learning for all of us. We taught them weaving skills and they had lots of interesting and important things to share. We had the best of times.”

“These days our children are very brilliant. They pick up so quickly.” Mrs Karma said. Dechen said that it was her first experience into weaving. “Before I didn’t know how to even spin threads. Now I know how to spin threads, make loom and to weave,’ She said.

Although, most of the students have never woven before, the products that they have woven have turned out pleasantly. They have woven about 100 plain cotton mufflers and few simple pattern mufflers during the course of the program.

Almost all the participants wanted to share what they have learnt with their siblings and friends in their schools.