Weaver of the Winning Kira Reclaims Title for the 17th NDAC

Following a dispute on the First Prize Winning Kira at the 17th National Design and Art Competition – 2018, a committee was formed to investigate the case. It has been ascertained that Ms. Karma Seldon holding Bhutanese CID No. 10603000716 from Khoma in Lhuentse is the actual weaver of the prize winning kira. The title was earlier claimed by Ms. Jigme Choden holding Bhutanese CID No. 11506004511 during the Prize Awarding ceremony on November 5, 2018. However, the committee has not been able to establish the identity of the designer due to lack of conclusive evidence.

Hence, the committee forfeited the certificate and prize money of Nu. 72,000 from Ms. Jigme Choden and have awarded the same to Ms. Karma Seldon who is the actual weaver. The committee has also seized the certificate and cash prize of Nu. 48,000 from Mrs. Thinley Zangmo holding Bhutanese CID No. 10905000333 who claimed to be the designer for the same piece. Both Ms. Jigme Choden and Mrs. Thinley Zangmo will hereon be barred from participating in the NDAC for next three years beginning 2019 for willfully violating the Declaration of Originality Form signed upon submission of the prize winning kira for the competition.

National Design and Art Competition (NDAC) is an annual event organized by the Royal Textile Academy and the Textile Museum, Department of Culture to motivate and recognize the skills and creativity of the Bhutanese artisans.