Registration for Winter Weaving Program 2018

The Registration for Winter Weaving Program 2018 is now open. For more information and registration, the aspiring and amateur weavers may contact with the following persons;

Mr. Kuenga Lhendup (Deputy Director) – 17118989
Mr. Pema Chophel (Asst. Designer) – 77783279

About the Weaving Program

The Weaving School trains students in traditional weaving, the art of yarn dyeing, contemporary skills related to design and color combinations, and also basics on business and book-keeping skills. The trainees are taught plain cotton and silk weaves, yathra weaves, weaves with simple patterns and intricate patterns depending on their existing skills level. The beginners usually start with plain cotton weaves and gradually learn how to weave simple patterns and then proceed to silk yarn and intricate patterns.