Mission and Objectives

(a)   The Mission:

The Mission of the Royal Textile Academy is dedicated to preserve and promote the Bhutanese textiles in particular and the thirteen arts in general as well as strive to promote the unique culture and traditions of Bhutan by creating international awareness and encouraging international collaboration to promote mutually beneficial exhibits and educational programs.

(b)   The Objectives:

  • Provide a national centre for professional training in weaving, design and production of Bhutanese textiles;
  • Develop scholarship programs for staff training and internships in conservation and museum studies;
  • Collect and document important textiles that are part of Bhutan’s cultural heritage;
  • Develop and showcase exhibitions for local and international venues;
  • Develop a conservation centre devoted to preservation and restoration of Bhutanese textiles and other artifacts;
  • Administer ongoing cultural and educational programs, workshops, study groups and lectures on Bhutanese culture and arts.
  • Act as a vital symbol of National Pride. It will bring international recognition for Bhutan’s artistic achievements.