An exhibition on Trima: Discontinuous Weft Pattern was officially inaugurated by Her Majesty Gyalyum Sangay Choden Wangchuck on 31st August 2017 at the Royal Textile Academy.

Trima literally means ‘coiling the warp,’ and is a highly-sophisticated technique where weft yarns are entwined around the warp yarns, producing motifs that are raised above the ground cloth and are often mistaken for embroidery. It is unique to Bhutan and has often drawn the attention of textile enthusiasts and connoisseurs across the world.

The exhibition also highlights sophisticated designs and motifs created by highly skilled modern weavers using two distinct categories of Trima patterning.

The exhibition is designed under four different themes: Kushung, Kushuthara, Ngosham and Pesar.

The main objective of the exhibition is to preserve and promote the unique and beautiful art of weaving in general and to highlight and celebrate the technique of weaving discontinuous weft patterns in particular. The exhibition also includes some award-winning pieces from the annual National Design Competitions organized by the Textile Museum and the RTA.

The exhibition will be open for the public for next nine months at the Royal Textile Academy. The Textile Museum and the Royal Textile Academy jointly organized the exhibition.

360 View of exhibition hall of "Trima: Discontinuous Weft Pattern" at the RTA: